Former BPD Commissioner: De Sousa's emotional statement based on frustration

Former BPD Commissioner: De Sousa's emotional statement based on frustration
Posted at 4:23 PM, Apr 10, 2018
and last updated 2021-06-08 12:50:19-04

Former Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis says to suggest Detective Sean Suiter’s death shouldn’t have been investigated by the Baltimore Police homicide unit is nothing more than “pure political spin.”


The comment is part of a larger statement Davis sent to ABC2 News after his successor, Commissioner Darryl De Sousa said in an interview Monday night, “I truly believe that Baltimore City Police homicide detective should not have taken this case from the onset. I think it should have been another outside entity that took a look at this investigation. I didn’t think it was fair for our homicide investigators.”


De Sousa made the comment while discussing an independent panel he is about to announce later this week charged with taking a fresh look at Suiter’s death.


In his first statement since being terminated earlier this year, former commissioner Kevin Davis says there is no one better to investigate the Suiter death than Baltimore homicide detectives.


Davis’ statement reads in full:


“Not a day goes by that I and so many others don’t pray for Detective Sean Suiter, his wife Nicole and their family. We all want answers.


Regarding the interview with ABC2News, an emotional statement was made based on the frustration that accompanies an unsolved high profile case.


I did, in fact, ask the FBI to assume primary investigation of this case. They declined. My request of them to do so for reasons well documented had nothing to do with the BPD homicide unit’s capacity to emotionally handle the 137th killing of a police officer in Baltimore’s history.


In fact, there is no one better experienced or equipped to handle this case. BPD homicide detectives possess far too much pride and professionalism to allow emotion to be the enemy of their investigative prowess and integrity. To now suggest otherwise is pure political spin.”