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Feds unseal case in which slain Detective Sean Suiter was to testify

Posted at 3:10 PM, Nov 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-30 18:00:51-05

The case in which Detective Sean Suiter was scheduled to appear before a grand jury the day after he was murdered was unsealed today.

Suiter was going to testify about an incident back in 2010 where a high speed chase ended with a collision with another car killing one and destroying a front porch at Belle Avenue and Gwynn Oak in Northwest Baltimore.

Commissioner Kevin Davis says then Officer Suiter was used as a pawn by his sergeant.

"He was used and he was put in a position where he unwittingly recovered drugs that had been planted by another police officer. And that's a damn shame," Davis said.

Because that other police officer was Sgt. Wayne Jenkins, the supervisor over the corrupt Gun Trace Task Force that since March 1st, has been in  federal custody awaiting trial on racketeering charges including extortion and overtime fraud.

The indictment today spells out how Jenkins planted drugs in the car and then ordered Suiter to retrieve them, all the while Suiter unaware of the plant.

These charges against Jenkins only pile on to the daunting indictment he already faces from last spring, but it is evidence of just how far back federal authorities believe his nefarious and corrupt policing reaches.

"Hopefully he will be put underneath of a jail,” Davis said, “But this guy was able to operate with impunity for this police department for far too long and if there are any other people associated with him or that federal investigation that I need to be aware of to make the best decisions on behalf of this police department, I need to know who those people are."

 Still, the commissioner believes the testimony Sean Suiter was scheduled to give in this 2010 case is not related to his murder two weeks ago.

The police department has been telling us throughout this week that they do have new details and an update in that investigation.

A news conference will be scheduled for early afternoon tomorrow.

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