Former Baltimore mayor Sheila Dixon launches write-in bid for mayor

Posted at 12:06 PM, Oct 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-12 06:42:26-04

Former Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon is not done.

She has filed a certificate of candidacy to formally be a write-in candidate in next month's election.

It was signed and dated Tuesday, and while her name will not be printed on the ballot, she is now eligible to receive votes.

"What it means is that people have another alternative, independents, the Republican Party and the Democratic Party for this upcoming city mayoral race," she said.

Dixon lost the April primary to Sen. Catherine Pugh. 

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Dixon said many of her supporters were going to write her in anyway and because of her filing Tuesday, it can now count.

She plans on running on the same platform as during her loss in the spring primary, the major tenant of which is crime and what she calls her proven ability to lower it.

Still, a write-in campaign is a tough climb having to rely on people to ignore the printed names on the ballot and then physically print hers.

"I know that this is an uphill battle but I know in the next four weeks we are going to educate people in the A, B, Cs of what it means to write in a candidate. They will fill in that little bubble and write my name in...Sheila Dixon," she said.

The civics lesson is broken down on her campaign 2.0 literature she began handing out Tuesday.

She admits the outreach has to work in order for any of her votes to count.

Though she does not have a lot of money in the bank and only four weeks to make a dent, Dixon feels her name recognition and popularity will carry the day.

She feels the primary was a flawed election where results were certified, decertified and then certified again-- with Dixon as the loser.

"The question is, did I really lose in the primary? And I am gonna leave it at that," Dixon said.

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