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Forever Taylor: 'Put Down the Guns' peace walk marches through West Baltimore

7-year-old girl died from gun shot a year ago
Posted at 10:43 PM, Jul 19, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-22 08:24:41-04

BALTIMORE — We couldn't believe it when we heard it-- a 7-year-old girl sitting in the back of a car shot and killed in West Baltimore.

It's been a year since we saw those images of Taylor Hayes' doll surrounded by shell casings.

Friday night the people that miss her the most were walking for peace.

“It’s been’s still Hell, it’s hard,” said Shanika Robinson. “I lost my daughter. I can’t believe Taylor is gone. I’m out here marching for my daughter that was shot, 7 years old, over something senseless that could have been avoided.”

Taylor was shot while sitting in the back of a car. She died at the hospital after fighting for her life for two weeks.

Donte Hayes wears his daughter's picture around his neck, carrying the pain of losing her and the memories of her light.

“Please stop the violence. We here, and our daughter has been gone for a whole year, today makes a whole year,” Donte said. “It’s simple, there’s innocent people out here getting killed.”

She would have been playing with her little sisters Morgan and Trinity on this hot summer day.

Morgan said she misses her a lot, and Trinity said she’s been crying for her and loves her.

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Local artist Kimberly Sheridan captured Taylor's innocence through a painting she gave as a gift to her mother.

“She was robbed of her life right at that age,” Sheridan said. “I wanted to get a picture of the potential that we have lost.”

Her mother finds strength in community and in talks with other parents who have lost their children.

“I keep in contact with one person especially, her names Donnetta, she’s from DC, and her 10-year-old daughter was murdered July 16 when Taylor was in the hospital fighting for her life she was shot gunned down.”

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“Y’all killing kids, innocent babies,” Robinson said. “You don’t know what you do to people’s families, these kid’s mothers, put the guns down.”