Force launches 'Not Alone Baltimore' ad campaign

Posted at 6:16 PM, Mar 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-23 18:16:42-04
There is always work to be done at Force, but this week and the coming weeks have been and will be big for the organization dedicated to upsetting rape culture. 
"We have a campaign going on called Not Alone Baltimore," Force co-founder and co-director Hannah Brancato said. 
Brancato said their latest work is a series of messages of support. They hope to reach sexual assault and domestic violence survivors all over Baltimore City. 
"We believe that survivors deserve public space to heal and they deserve their communities to support them rather than shame them," she told ABC2. 
The campaign launched earlier this week. You can see the ads on city buses, bus shelters and the big billboard across from Penn Station. 
Force has some other large scale projects in the works, perhaps none bigger than the Monument Quilt, which was last seen during a stop a Towson University. 
It is a collection of stories from survivors sharing anything they want about their experience. 
"Since the Towson display, the quilt has doubled in size and the quilt will continue to grow until we have around 6,000 stories which will blanket the national mall in a couple years from now," Brancato said. 
Before that, there will be a major display in Baltimore. 
"The Monument Quilt is going to blanket North Avenue. We've collected to date more than 1,200 stories, so it'll be on North Avenue on the north side of the street between Howard and Charles Street on April 9 from 12-9 p.m."
Brancato stressed that private space to heal is important, but so are public platforms to share.
"The truth is that although rape and domestic violence are not acceptable or okay in our culture any longer, the experience of being a survivor is still very stigmatized and so when we can tell our stories publicly it helps to remove that stigma from our identities," she said. 

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