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Flash flooding rocks Westgate neighborhood again

Posted at 11:23 PM, Jul 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-24 08:43:14-04

More rain means more anxiety for people who saw the dangers of flash flooding over the weekend.

For people who live off of Frederick Avenue in the Westgate community, the wrath of flash flooding and it’s aftermath has been at and over their doorstep for two months.

“You don’t expect it to happen the first time, and then it happens a second time and you want to know what could we do?” said Tori Womack.

Womack didn’t realize how high the water was until she took her dog Spotty out for a walk.

“I went to go walk my dog but I didn’t realize that the water level was so high up that once I walked out he got to floating in the water.”

Thankfully she could pull Spotty back in, but the flood waters ripped up the sidewalk and caused problems for people’s cars.

“Car alarms went off the engine got messed up, everybody’s cars were going off,” said Womack. “This time they weren’t floating down the road but every bodies car is messed up.”

Russell Davis has trouble walking, for the last month he's been living without a place to wash his face.

Floodwater was oozing out of his bathroom tub and sink.

He said someone with the city came by on Monday to assess the damage after the most recent flooding.

 “He sees my vanity gone, he sees I can barely walk,” Davis said. “City Hall is supposed to let me know something, but I can’t stay here much longer.”

Cockroaches and mice are starting to infest his apartment, and he has to mop three times a day to fight the smell. 

 “I can barely walk, but if I don’t mop my floor I’m going to get sick from mildew.

When it rains like it did over the weekend, Justice Blackledge said people who don't live on this street are held hostage.

 “There’s no way out,” Blackledge said. “From my house I have to go a whole other way to get to work or to school. It’s like a dead end from where it’s flooded to my house.”

A little bit of brightness for the people in the neighborhood—Still Meadow Community Fellowship Church-- they've been feeding the people in the community and helping them with Tupperware containers and any other things they can.