Firefighters injured battling rowhome fire in Hampden

Posted at 5:54 AM, Jun 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-14 07:39:02-04

Crews are on the scene of a rowhome fire Hampden that started early Wednesday morning.

Fire officials said two firefighters and a female resident were taken to the hospital.

One firefighter suffered heat exhaustion, while another burned his hand.

The fire started around 3 a.m., and the 26-year-old who lived in the home on the corner of 37th Street and Chestnut Avenue woke up enveloped in smoke.

She climbed out onto the back roof and started yelling for help.

Neighbor Charles Sisselberger was nearby and came to her rescue, "I just ran up this way and when I got there she was on the back roof. Didn't have no clothes on or nothing. I helped her climb down and gave her the shirt off my back."

He didn't stop the heroics there, "at that point I ran around the front, I kicked open the front door because I didn't know if anyone was inside. Flames just everywhere, I couldn't do nothing. That's when the police started riding around. I was yelling at the neighbors, get out of the house! Get out of the house!"

The fire was knocked out by 3:30 a.m.

The woman who owned the home was taken to the hospital where she is in good condition.

By 6 a.m. neighbors were sitting on their front porches looking at holes in their overhang from smoke damage. Six homes were affected. One home is uninhabitable.

The cause is still under investigation.