Finding Neverland tells origin of Peter Pan's magic

Posted at 10:18 AM, Jun 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-29 18:36:46-04

Taking flight, Finding Neverland is enchanting audiences and performing at the Hippodrome through Sunday July 2.

The musical follows play writer J.M. Barrie suffering writers block as he meets a woman and her four sons in a park. He grows to love the mother and her boys, inspiring him to imagine Peter Pan and the magical Neverland.

You'll remember the characters Peter, Tinkerbell, Wendy and of course Captain Hook. The journey revolves around Barrie's transformation.

Actress Sarah Charles said this play is empowering.

"The fact that he found so much inspiration through this woman who just loves her kids and kind of defied the social norms at the time and was just this bohemian woman that he was like Wow! Like these kids are just running around and playing," she said. "And that's what speaks to people, you know is that inner child that never really leaves us."

Charles plays several roles in the play, she's been acting since she was five years old.

"I just have always wanted to do it. I was actually a very shy kid and I think through music and acting like that's how I broke out of my shell, so I think that's what really drew me to it," Charles said.

Growing up in Maryland, watching performances at the Hippodrome, she's honored to be back and this time on stage, her personal Neverland.

"My favorite thing, I really enjoy seeing, because we're touring through the country, I love seeing how it really relates to everyone... There's parts where everybody cries, everybody's laughing at the same stuff and it's so universal, that story of family, or friendship, of love, of doing what you believe in," Charles said.

You can buy tickets through the Hippodrome site, here.