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Feeding children through the coronavirus

East Baltimore man mobilizing community
Posted at 11:01 PM, Mar 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-13 23:31:21-04

BALTIMORE — There's a man in East Baltimore taking a tactical approach to fighting the coronavirus using the power of community.

In Munir Bahar’s neighborhood the kids who will be out of school are going to need something to eat at night.

On Friday he was in his dojo turned war room where his students, and people who love this city and its people created the operation called “One Meal”.

“We got the tools so we feel like we should step up and be the leaders in this situation," Bahar said.

In much of East Baltimore kids won't have a nutritious meal at home while schools are closed because of the corona virus.

“We can do something versus just going into the house worrying about my family and forget the thousands of children who aren’t coming from homes that have food in it,” Bahar said. “Something has to be done with them.”

Bahar turned abandoned row homes into the COR Academy where he trains young people to be leaders.

He’s looking at feeding kids through the corona outbreak as a mission.

His soldiers are the young men he’s training.

“My entire life I’ve been wanting to help people,” 15-year-old Dantawn McKay said. “This is actually a real big game changer for me because now I get to do it.”

Baltimore City Council President Brandon Scott is on board to volunteer and help with resources.

Working with these community leaders to feed up to 400 kids a meal while not creating a gathering and keeping everything as safe as possible.

“There are risks but that’s what soldiers do,” Bahar said. “They go into risky situations and use themselves as a tool to try to maintain order or peace or serve people.”

So much is unknown with this virus continually spreading, but take some comfort knowing our future is bringing hope to the front lines.

“Knowing that they have people out here that’s protecting them and there are people that care,” said McKay. “I think it brings a lot of positivity into the neighborhood.”

If you want to help click here.

He’s looking for people anytime between 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.