Family of murdered, pregnant mother honored

Unborn child, Kennedy was saved
Posted at 11:26 PM, Jun 12, 2018

She will never know her mother.  But Kennedy Love Glass will always remember the Baltimore sheriffs department who will now help to raise her.

"I miss my daughter but I believe this was God’s will," James Dunton, whose daughter, Jasmine Kennedy was murdered last month, said.

It's his faith that keeps him strong.  Dunton is a Baltimore City Sheriff's Office deputy. Police say Kennedy's husband killed her last month while pregnant with daughter Kennedy---she was already raising three other children.

"It was just devastating to us all. You know, the kids, her dad, myself," Kennedy's stepmother, Kimberly Dunton, told WMAR 2 News.

Tuesday's baby shower fundraiser was organized by the Baltimore City Sheriff’s Office and Dunton's fellow officers.  

"They've been outstanding, they’ve done so much they outdid themselves," Dunton said.

Fellow officer, Michael Savage said, "It's like you lost your own child. He called me crying on the phone I couldn't fathom it. I have five sons of my own it was just rough."

Dunton and wife Kimberly will now raise Jasmine’s four kids, which includes Kennedy who was miraculously saved after her mother was shot and killed.  

"I'm not worried, it’s new and it’s challenging, very challenging, especially with the teenagers," said Dunton.

He said raising them will keep him close to Jasmine. 

"With the 14-year-old, just today we were talking about something and he just laughed and he’s the spitting image of his mother I mean sounds just like her."

The Duntons hope even one life can be saved because of Jasmine’s death.

"Domestic violence is real as we see, it never really hits you in the face until it hits home, said Kimberly Dunton.

"It could happen to anybody.  Me being law enforcement it's the last thing I expected. Anybody that knows anything about anybody going through domestic violence, if you know anything, just say something," Dunton said.

The family told WMAR 2 News that Kennedy came home from the NICU Tuesday night.

Jasmine's neighborhood association already raised to close to $900 for the family and presented them with a check at Tuesday's fundraiser.

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