Entertainers using comedy to combat school bullying

Posted at 11:49 PM, Feb 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-21 23:51:17-05

Big Fred Watkins is funny, he's made a career out of it.

"I'm chilling I'm against the hall like this so people can only see one shoe. They like Fred you good and I'm like yeah I'm chilling, looking crazy."

One thing he takes seriously is bullying.

"Coming through Mervo I was bullied. I got funny, or found out that I was funny just from getting packed up so much."

These students are Freshman. This is what that's like.

"You going to be bunched up all trying to get out the door. You don't know who is who you just see people taller than you smaller than you bigger than you. You get scared your heart starts racing," said Labria Wright.

Cliques form, kids are singled out, and bullying happens.

A lot of times being in a city like this you get trapped in peer pressure and forced into things you don't want to do. When you hear people like that they motivate you they want you to go further," said Lamont Leadbetter Jr.

It may take you back, listening to a speaker you've never met with the message you needed to hear.

"Think big dream big. Take the cap off you can literately achieve anything you want to do. When you're happy about it and driven towards it you won't have time to bully people. Even if you don't have the best shoes on you won't care what somebody's saying about you because you're looking that way," said Big Fred Watkins, President of Big Laughs.

Big Fred brought another local success story to further his message. Keenan system a well-known entertainment producer and manager.

"Thinking acting becoming bigger and becoming global. Humongous in your mind to the point that it shows in your actions. It shows in your everyday movements. It shows in the knowledge you want to obtain," said Keenan System, The System Global Executive Producer.

Armed with success and laughter.

"The ability to make someone laugh it just opens them up. To learn something to admit something to just embrace the truth. "

To forge a future without bullying.

"They was funny and the stuff that they were saying it really helped me on a personal connection," said freshman Abdullah Balder.