Dreamers weigh in on DACA debate

Posted: 11:25 PM, Jan 23, 2018
Updated: 2018-01-24 12:01:22Z

News about "Dreamers," a group of people brought by illegal immigrants to the U.S. when they were young, has been dominating the headlines.  Many are now working tax payers and students.
The Trump administration said last year it would to do away with the benefits that protect them and now Dreamers want a permanent solution.

A California judge stepped in earlier this month to put a hold on the DACA roll back as DACA continues to be a sticking point on Capitol Hill.

"We came here because of my father at that time he had 3 boys and money wise in Mexico wasn't good so we had to find a new journey," Jesus Perez, a Dreamer, told ABC2.

That journey brought Perez to America, specifically to Baltimore 20 years ago.   It's a similar story for Monica Perez.

"I was brought here at the age of 7.  My father worked in the fields in Mexico and we were poor and he didn't want the lifestyle that he had for us," Monica Perez, a Dreamer, said.

And that brought families to America, better known as "home" to these two, who met while volunteering for CASA Maryland, and organization devoted to immigration reform and immigrant rights. 

"I consider myself to be an American.  I might not be a citizen I might not be that on a piece of paper, but I'm American, this is my home, this is everything that I know," Monica Perez said.

Jesus Perez echoed that, saying "This is what we call home away from home I was brought at the age of 5 but this is my home where I grew up.

These dreamers want to stay and continue to contribute.  The injunction to not roll back DACA benefits is good news for them but they say the fight isn't over. 

"They need to pass a clean Dream Act, a permanent solution.  Right now, we are in limbo," Monica Perez said.

Perez says since President Trump decided to do away with DACA, dreamers are worried about losing their American lives; something that's become their identity.

"We grew up with your children and we contribute to this country, we love this country this is the only country you know as your home," Perez said.