Donations collected for mother, baby displaced by Baltimore house fire

8-month-old girl is critically injured
Posted at 12:40 PM, Aug 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-16 18:09:28-04

The Sunday night fire gutted Erika Poremski's Gough Street home.  Her things are gone, and her daughter is clinging to life.

"It's really heart breaking,” Erika said.  “And I’m just trying my best to just stay positive and just pray and pray and pray that she makes it through this."

The power was knocked out, and 8-month-old Viviana was sleeping in an upstairs bedroom.  Erika tells us she ran outside to charge her phone in the car, and that's when the flames started.  Quickly spreading through the entire house, too hot and too intense for Erika to get to Viv.

"Then the ceiling started falling in and the door collapsed and i couldn’t get back in, and I could hear her crying, and I was trying my hardest and I just couldn't,” said Erika.  “It was the worst feeling in the entire world."

Fire crews rescued the baby.  She was unresponsive, but firefighters were able to revive her.        

Loved ones tell us Viviana is in critical condition.  She's able to breathe on her own, but there is swelling on her brain, she's having seizures and she's burned on 30% of her little body.  Erika say's they just have to wait and see if she pulls through.

"Right now I just would really love if everyone just prayed for the baby,” Erika said.  “Other things can be replaced, but she can't and I would just really like it if everyone prayed their hardest for me."

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While the prayers are pouring in, so are donations.  At Edgemere's Icy Delights, they're serving up snowballs, as well as a place where people can drop things off for Erika and Viviana.

"We have a lot of storage area in there where we would have room to accept the donations, you know, clothing and toys that people wanted to drop off," said Jennifer Rehak.

Everything inside the Eastwood house was destroyed in the fire, and folks are stepping up to help any way they can.  Bringing toys and clothes, anything to make life easier for Erika and Viv.

"That’s why I love this neighborhood,” Rehak said.  “There's a lot of pros and cons to living in a small town, but one of the pros is definitely the way people care about each other and the way people are willing to do whatever they can to help when somebody's in need."

Icy Delights, at 7526 North Point Road in Edgemere, is open from noon to 9 p.m.

A Go Fund Me page started for Erika and Viviana has raised nearly $10,000 since Monday.

Baltimore fire officials say what sparked the fire Sunday night is still under investigation.

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