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Dog with rubber band tightly wrapped around muzzle doing ok

BARCS wants Florie's story to inspire change in the community
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Posted at 2:23 PM, Mar 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-22 14:23:11-04

BALTIMORE — Last week BARCS found an abused dog with a rubber band wrapped so tightly around her muzzle that it had disfigured her face, but instead of focusing on the bad, the organization wants to use this to inspire others to be good.

Florie couldn't open her mouth when BARCS first found her last week, and they said if she was alone for only a few more days she might not have survived. A concerned citizen called the organization and thankfully she was able to be treated.

BARCS says on Monday her swelling started to decrease significantly and she was able to have surgery. At this point BARCS says they are confident she will heal from her injuries and have normal function of her mouth.

BARCS says it can be hard to understand why someone would do this to an innocent dog, so they are trying to use Florie to inspire change in the community.

"The best way to find justice for Florie is to talk to the young people in your life about being respectful and kind to animals. Animals depend on us to care for them--to love them--especially in their most vulnerable moments. By stepping up and being a voice for the defenseless, we can truly enact change for animals in need. We can be their advocates when they need us most," the organization said in a release.

BARCS also said they want to thank everyone who donated to help support Florie's emergency and ongoing care.

To read Florie’s full story, or to make a donation to the Franky Fund to help BARCS always be ready to save animals like her, click here.