Staying safe while on the roads this holiday season

Posted at 5:27 PM, Dec 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-23 06:45:17-05

About 2.2 million Marylanders will be traveling this holiday season, and 91 percent will be driving, according to AAA.

At the Maryland House, a rest stop off I-95, travelers said they knew what to bring to ensure a safe trip.

"Patience and snacks, lots of snacks," a mother of two, Heather Jeff, said. Jeff was heading from Washington D. C. to New York to visit family.

"Games or I ask him questions or I put the sports station on try to distract him though so he's not aware too much of the you know the idiots," Mary Adams said, referring to her husband.

Some travelers at the stop said they hadn't seen much bad driving, just congestion.

"You have your usual people darting in and out of traffic trying to get ahead, and you know you see them two seconds later even with you you know, even though they almost caused an accident trying to weave in and out of traffic." Adams said.

On the road you need to look out for distracted drivers, sending an ETA text or calling loved ones. About 29,000 injuries happen every year and 230 people dies from distracted driving crashes. 

"It's silly, and it's too dangerous and we have too many, our kids are too precious and people around us. I'm a really good secretary, I'm excellent at riding in the front seat, I know my job, and that's how we do it," Jeff said laughing.

An AAA representative also warns travelers to drive safely on their way home, knowing there will be others trying to make it back as well as those working to return or exchange gifts.

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