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Destroyed Baltimore Police cruiser actually a prop for movie

Posted at 11:35 AM, Jul 22, 2018

A picture circulating social media has some believing a Baltimore Police car was stolen and destroyed, but police are saying it was actually done on purpose. 

Sunday morning, a Twitter user sent out pictures of a beaten down police car saying, "The things you find walking the dogs early in the morning... looks like a BPD cruiser got stolen, got the crap smashed out of it, and then got dumped in Pigtown."

Baltimore Police spokesperson TJ Smith tweeted out a couple hours later that the cruiser is actually a movie prop. He said only one side of the car has decals on it and it will be in the Pigtown area for another week. 

He ended his tweet saying he was glad it was a false alarm. WMAR-2 News is still unsure what movie the cruiser is going to be in.