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Despite John Hopkins University Peeping Tom, students feel safe

Posted at 5:15 PM, Feb 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-17 17:15:38-05

BALTIMORE — A northeast Baltimore man accused of using his cell phone to record women at Johns Hopkins University was arrested over the weekend. Despite the Valentine’s Day incident female students say they do feel safe.

Police identified 29-year-old Zachary Campbell as the suspect in the Peeping Tom incident.

A police report states before being chased by campus police, Campbell tried to hide in the men’s bathroom.

WMAR 2 News’ Dave Detling went to Campbell's neighborhood for his side of the story but was met with silence. No one wanted to share his side of the story in the 5200 block of Craig Avenue in Northeast Baltimore.

Three days after the initial incident some female students on campus say they feel safe.

“I feel like this was a isolated incident,” said sophomore Naiyah Atulonah.

We’ve since learned this may not be the only voyeur case connected to Campbell. Police say the 29-year-old description and cross referenced it with victims and witnesses in another incident on campus.

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The university was not immediately available to comment on that incident.

“I feel safe,” said sophomore Julia Colen. “I never felt worried about going to the bathroom before but no after hearing this I’m going to be more aware.”

WMAR 2 News saw plenty of campus security in and around Hodson Hall where the alleged incident took place around 11:30 am.

“It’s scary that anyone can come into the bathroom when you’re there,” said Atulonah. “But I feel like there was good response from the university. I think everyone is looking out for each other and that everyone has each others best interest in mind.”

Robyn Youseff was touring the campus with her daughter Julia.

“I think it’s a horrifying thing to happen,” said Youseff. “I don’t think you can really monitor the bathrooms.”

Julia said the incident wouldn’t stop her from applying.

WMAR 2 News is awaiting formal charging documents. Campbell’s was not immediately listed in the court system but police confirm he was taken in on a warrant Sunday.

It’s unclear if he was a student or just passing through the building when the incident occurred.