Designated bus lanes expanding in Baltimore Monday

Posted at 7:38 AM, May 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-15 07:38:15-04

Getting bus riders around town, faster. The bus lane is expanding in Downtown Baltimore. Starting Monday part of Baltimore street will become a designated bus lane. Crews will paint the road red from Arch to Gay streets this week from 8pm to 5am. 

The bus lanes are being painted red so they stand out to drivers. If you're caught driving on the red pavement, you could get hit with a $90 fine and a point on your license. 

Designated bus lanes will be painted in other parts of downtown from now until September. This is the scheduled timeline:

 Week of May 15  Baltimore Street (from Arch to Gay streets); 
June 5  Fayette Street (from President to Arch streets);
June 28  Gay Street (from Baltimore to Forrest streets);
July 17  Guilford Avenue (from Pleasant to Fayette streets);
July 17  Hillen Street (from Forrest to Front streets);
July 31  Lombard Street (from Howard to Penn streets and from President Street to Market Place);
August 14  Pratt Street (from Greene to Howard streets);
August 21  Charles Street (from Madison to Oliver streets); and
September 25  St. Paul/Light Street (from Monument to Redwood streets). 

This is all part of the BaltimoreLink project. It aims at improving transportation in Baltimore, and making buses run on time and more efficiently. Bus routes will change under the program on June 18.