De Sousa now 40th Baltimore Police Department commissioner

Council voted 14-1 in favor of his confirmation
Posted at 11:10 PM, Feb 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-26 23:10:41-05

The Baltimore Police Department officially has a new commissioner.  Monday, the city council confirmed Darryl De Sousa.  He has been the acting commissioner since January after Mayor Catherine Pugh fired Kevin Davis.

The vote was 14-to-1 to confirm De Sousa as the city's 40th police commissioner. Commissioner- Designate De Sousa Tweeted Monday night in part, "we have work to do."

"We are watching very closely to see how this commissioner and how his department rebuild and respond to what we here on the streets every day which is we want a focus on violence and we need constitutional policing," Councilman Zeke Cohen told ABC2. 

Also in support of the new commissioner, Councilman Brandon Scott.  He's been in favor of De Sousa helping the department from the start; but said now it’s time for results.

"He’ll get no pass from me I will hold him accountable to make sure the department is operating in the best interest of the citizens of Baltimore, I'll hold him accountable for the crime plan."

Scott chairs the council’s public safety committee and said he also expects De Sousa to keep his officers in check, especially after the findings of the recent Gun Trace Task Force federal case.

"There are some people that are afraid that this commissioner will unveil more things from the GTTF and other like things," said Scott.

And while most of this council agreed De Sousa is the right man for the job, one did not.

Councilman Ryan Dorsey voted against his confirmation saying he didn't feel his questions about corruption, systemic crime and department policies were fully answered at last week's confirmation hearing.

"While we can clearly acknowledge that this new overt commitment to not be corrupt or to not violate civil rights is certainly an improved rhetoric fundamentally it’s a commitment to more of the same."

Which Dorsey said isn't enough for real public safety reform. 

"I think that our police department needs to look beyond policing. They need to look at how the police department fits in with other city agencies."

Mayor Pugh said she's pleased with the council's decision to confirm De Sousa. She went on to say that De Sousa is the right man to move the department forward.

Commissioner-Designate De Sousa said that he's thankful to the mayor, community and the council, "I will not let you down," he Tweeted Monday.

De Sousa will be sworn-in Wednesday.