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Crews stabilize area of Charles Village sinkhole

Posted at 3:08 PM, Nov 27, 2018

Crews have stabilized the area, train traffic is continuing but the block of E. 26th St is still closed as crews work to fix the wall and sidewalk that collapsed after a sinkhole. 

Crews removed the sidewalk and wall overnight, a scary sight for neighbors. 

"This shouldn't have happened," neighbor Walt Glaze said. 

Glaze says that's because a similar situation happened less than 2 blocks down the street in 2014. Part of the street collapsed causing over $18 million in repairs. Cars fell over the side of the road and people were forced out of their homes. 

Walt, and other neighbors stopping to see the damage this time, are disappointed and worried about what will happen next. 

"This is scary because this stuff runs all the way under Greenmount Ave. and then passed. What if Greenmount Ave. collapsed? We got buses and main traffic," Glaze said. 

Train operator CSX says they regularly inspect their walls and tracks, but the wall that fell yesterday wasn't their property so they wouldn't usually check it. 

Still, they have been helping the city as needed, and shut down train traffic for a short time as crews took down the wall. 

The city is working to develop plans for the new wall and sya it's too early to know how much the whole project will costs. 

Mayor Catherine Pugh says the process to fix and reopen the road could take a number of days to do it right.