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Council President Brandon Scott introduces legislation to require all city agencies to create crime plan

Posted at 10:50 PM, Sep 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-23 22:50:29-04

BALTIMORE — Council President Brandon Scott introduced legislation at the City Council meeting Monday requiring city agencies, coordinated by the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice to develop, present and publish a biennial violence reduction plan.

“The Baltimore Police Department cannot be expected to reduce crime alone. All of our agencies have a role to play in addressing gun violence,” said Council President Scott. “I will continue to advocate for a violence reduction strategy that treats violent crime as a public health issue and incorporates more city resources in the fight.”

The ordinance, titled “Biennial Comprehensive Crime Reduction Plan", requires the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice to present a comprehensive crime reduction strategy every other year to the Baltimore City Council on or before June 30.

According to the ordinance, the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice would develop a strategy with a number of city and state agencies, from the Baltimore City Health Department to the Baltimore City Public School System to the State Department of Juvenile Services and would require the strategy to include an analysis into criminal justice data.

The plan is required to be published online for public comment at least one month prior to submission to the City Council. All public comments received will become part of the plan considered by the Council.

“Before Commissioner Harrison presented a crime plan in July, our city went without one for two years, despite demands from the City Council when I served as Chair of the Public Safety Committee,” Scott said. “This legislation seeks to avoid that situation in the future. It is our duty to ensure all of the resources at our disposal—from our Housing, Health, and Public Works Departments to our public schools and state criminal justice resources—are coordinated and working together in this fight for a safer Baltimore.”