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City leaders speak out after Good Samaritan murder

Posted at 11:36 PM, Dec 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-04 06:54:31-05

City leaders say they are wondering what to do next to help keep the city safer and honor the loss of one of its latest murders.

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Jacquelyn Smith was riding home with her husband and step daughter when she was stabbed after giving money to what she thought was a panhandler.

"There's an opportunity to legislate around this issue.  It's something I've been talking about for awhile.  I'll certainly be receptive to any discussions around what kind of legislation can be put in place," said Councilman Eric Costello.

Smith's family is hoping that legislation will help save a life.  

"There's not just one solution to what's happening in the streets but when we have families, people who are trying to help someone in need become a murder victim in the city of Baltimore, we have children getting shot a line has to be drawn," Councilman Brandon Scott, told WMAR 2 News.

Smith didn't know that she would be celebrating her step daughter's birthday for the last time Saturday night.  

Her husband Keith Smith: "There was a girl out with like a baby in her arms, it was cold, drizzling, and my wife just felt moved to give her something."

"I was in the backseat when it happened; immediately after it happened we went to the hospital," said stepdaughter, Valeria Smith.

But it was too late, Smith didn't make it.  Police said after Smith gave the woman money, a man tried to steal her wallet and stab her.  Now her husband says he won't sleep under justice is served.

"Right now I'm absorbing all of it and trying to see how I can move past this but I'm not going to move past this unless I talk to whomever my congressman is about banning panhandlers."

City leaders say they will be receptive to addressing panhandling in a broader way.

"Nobody deserves this kind of violence. nobody and so, that is a conversation we'll have with our council and i just want mr smith to know that we're hearing him," said Mayor Catherine Pugh.

Now her family is left to mourn. 

"She was the nicest woman you could ever meet in your life, she was just a beautiful person," Smith's stepdaughter said.

Police are searching for the man and woman in Smith's killing and there's a reward for information leading to an arrest.