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City Council to vote on whether to add a 'hotel tax' to Airbnb rentals

Posted at 8:17 AM, Nov 19, 2018

A vote by the Baltimore City Council could impact how much you pay for Airbnb rentals.

On Monday, the City Council is voting on a proposed bill that would add a 9.5 percent hotel tax to Airbnb style properties.

It was introduced to maintain Baltimore neighborhoods and hold members of the hospitality industry across the city to the same standards, but it has instead split the community. 

Supporters say it would bring in thousands of extra dollars to the city every year, however, others say the tax would put some short-term rental property owners out of business.

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The bill would also allow lawmakers to deny, suspend or revoke short-term residential rental licenses under certain circumstances. 

Councilman Eric Costello and Council President Bernard Young introduced the legislation earlier this year.

Costello says the goal is to make a mechanism for removing problem operators and capture lost revenue for the city. They also want to make sure that neighborhoods are not becoming overly transient.