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City Council rejects $21M transfer to cover police overtime spending

Posted at 9:28 AM, Jul 24, 2018

A City Council committee rejected a $21 million transfer to cover the overspending on overtime within the Baltimore City Police Department.

It was a unanimous vote by the Baltimore City Council Budget Committee to reject the transfer. Earlier this month, the City Council announced they are making more of an effort to crack down on how much BPD spends on overtime each year, which is usually millions of dollars over what is allotted to them.

As part of this effort, the council voted on a resolution to begin reviewing their spending every month. Normally, the budget committee goes over every city agency's books per quarter, but they didn't think it was often enough for BPD.

Councilors say the change isn't meant to hurt police, but to better manage their budget. Those monthly monitoring sessions will begin in August.