City considering getting rid of homeless camp

BALTIMORE (WMAR) - Here in Maryland, we're dealing with frigid temperatures, but some in Baltimore don't have the luxury of staying warm.

Now, city officials are trying to get the dozens of homeless under the JFX bridge indoors, and the deadline to move is approaching.

Many are staying under the bridge in a two-block row of tents, and they have been told they have until January 26 to move. The city cites health and safety concerns with the growing encampment,  sending workers to survey the people living there to see what they need and offering services.

More than a million dollars will go into moving these people inside, breaking down barriers that would otherwise keep them out of shelters.

But many people in the encampment don't want to go to a shelter. They say they know what is nearby and have a community that looks out for one another.

Advocates are saying the clearing is futile and these people will find another place to pitch camp.

A similar move happened four years ago on the other side of the JFX. Now, those living in the camp have a little more than a week to figure out what they'll do.

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