Beer industry brings 1,900+ jobs to Maryland

(WMAR) - Inside Chesapeake Beverage rows and rows of beer represent opportunity for job seekers.

The National Beer Wholesalers released some new numbers on how beer helps to drive the economy in Maryland.

More than 1,900 people work beer distributions in Maryland.

Chesapeake Beverage announced a new website Wednesday that will connect more people to all the jobs the industry brings.

“On that site, you can learn more about the beer industry and local Maryland wholesalers. Here at Chesapeake, we’ve got job opportunities whether it be in sales, operations, marketing or delivery. A lot of people don’t know that they think we’re just delivery trucks dropping beer. We’re a full-service operation here we even have a graphic sign department.”

Summertime the beer delivery business revs up. Click Here for job opportunities.

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