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Celebrating at the Inner Harbor for New Years Eve

Posted at 11:23 PM, Dec 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-31 23:23:44-05

Bone chilling cold, that's how people closed out 2017 at the Inner Harbor. Steve Mcglothin and his friends came hours before the music started, they were the first people sitting at the amphitheater.These three came an hour early-in below freezing temperature."We wanted to make sure we had good seats for the awesome show and the fireworks tonight. Couldn't ask for better scenery tonight it's beautiful," said Mcglothin.

For Maurice Vincent and his family it's their First experience outside for New Years Eve."I got on about 3 or 4 shirts I got my scarf thick old peacoat man and I'm telling myself it's not that cold but every time the wind blows it tells me I'm lying to myself. But I'm just happy to be here man with my family, the occasion itself warms you up,"To enjoy what makes the harbor celebration unique.

For Valeria Gereta, an exchange student from Costa Rica, an American New Years Eve is much different then what she's used to."You know bull fighting like in Spain we do that but without the killing," said Gereta. "We just go around the bull and dress up as super man or any dumb character and we have a lot of fun. And of course it's like 80 degrees right now but it's very cool too."

The fireworks start at midnight and go until 12:30.