Ceasefire continues push for change despite weekend violence

72 hour call for peace interrupted by gunfire
Posted at 11:48 PM, Aug 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-06 23:48:39-04

On the third and final day of Baltimore Ceasefire, activists did not let up despite not reaching their goal of 72-hours without deadly crime in the city.

Sunday afternoon, participants with Ceasefire signs and t-shirts marched from Shot Tower to City Hall. Many said the unified call for peace did make an impact.

"It was a success in, I think, giving people pause," said activist Charly Carter, "giving the people on the streets pause for killing each other."

"We need to look at the positives a little bit more and know that it reached people and it reached me," said Kendra Sandman.

Following the march, organizers read the names of those killed in the city this year.

Carter says the lives of those who commit violence are also lost.

"When you see a young person pull a trigger against another young person, its because they've given up hope for their life," she said. "We need to restore hope, and that's done by giving them jobs and giving them training and opportunity and let them know that life is not going to begin and end in the same project that they were born in."

Sunday evening, dozens attended a citywide prayer for peace on E. North Avenue.

It was briefly interrupted as police arrested a man who disrupted the service. He was subdued with a taser, carried off in a stretcher and transported in an ambulance. Several officers patrolled the scene, but the service continued.

The service was organized Angie Smith with Restoring the Village Project. She says that despite setbacks, Ceasefire must press on after a successful weekend of coming together.

"Everyones effort is admired and it's needed," she said. "Even going forward, after tonight, we have to keep going."

According to social media, a meeting is being held Monday to gauge interest in 'Ceasefire 365,' an effort to keep the movement going. That meeting is being held at the Community Mediation Center on Greenmount Ave. starting at 5:30 PM.