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Carrie Hoffman Rosela, a mom on a mission to help others

Posted at 11:38 PM, Jul 13, 2018

How does Carrie Hoffman Rosela have the strength to open her eyes for each sunrise and sunset?  

This mom was floating out on the water with her family, watching a speedboat race when one of the boats lost control and killed her daughter.  It happened three Junes ago.  But it is like it just happened. 

Carrie spends all she has in helping others.  When her daughter Julianne died, it was the lead story.  Strangers came from Kent Island to San Diego to help.

Carrie thought about the people who do not die on page one.  Those who try to raise money but can’t due to a lack of publicity. 

Carrie started the Julianne Rosela Foundation. 

She sees to it education is covered.  Funerals are paid for.  Medical bills are paid.  This is what keeps her going so that she can see more sunrises and sunsets and that her angel above is helping every day.