Canadian police continue to investigate murder of Baltimore college student

Posted at 11:30 PM, Nov 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-11 23:30:04-05
Instead of a looking forward to graduation and a wedding, his family is now trying to plan a funeral after police said a Baltimore area man was killed in Toronto for no reason.
Julian Jones, 26, was a student at the University of Baltimore and was murdered days ago. Investigators are still looking to bring this case to a close.
Wednesday, police in Toronto announced arrests in the murder investigation. Police said Jones was beaten by a group of men while he lay on the ground unconscious.
"It's very hurtful. I fell to my knees and I cried, and I cried, and I cried," said Tobias Jones, Julian's father.
Julian was in Toronto celebrating a friends bachelor party last weekend when police said his group left the Blnd Tger club and were confronted in what police described as "unprovoked" attack.
Police said Jones suffered several blows to the head and died en route to the hospital.
"He was going to get married soon, and I thought he was definitely on the path to becoming a great husband," his father said.
The two shared a very close relationship.
"Sunday's, we would have dinner, whether he came with his fiance or not, I'd cook him something to eat, we'd watch the game and we'd take a nap as if he were seven years old," Tobias Jones said.
Word of the arrests came to Julians' father at the same time he memorialized his son at a vigil at Arundel High School, where his son graduated.
Police said they arrested Kenneth Omorogbe, 25, and Kamari Folkes, 24, charging them both with second-degree murder.
Police are still searching for a third suspect.
Tobias Jones said he's still in the process of having his sons body sent back to Maryland for burial, as the international process has made it difficult.
Jones leaves behind a brother and sister in addition to his fiance.
Toronto police said they will, perhaps, be making a trip to the Baltimore area to continue their investigation by presenting photo lineups to Jones' friends.
A Go Fund Me site has been set up to benefit the family. You can visit it by clicking here.