Call to action: Bmore, Pray More

Posted at 12:06 AM, Apr 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-02 00:06:31-04
They started off with song, but their mission goes beyond worship.
A Friday night gathering, named Bmore, Pray More, aims to save the city through prayer and engaging the community.
Organizers told ABC2 they recognize the power the church and youth can have. They will not let 2016 be a repeat of 2015. 
"What people saw last year is not Baltimore and it doesn't speak for the majority. We put this event together, Bmore, Pray More and we're going to continue to use that message because that's exactly what we're trying to portray," Kirsten Allen said. 
In the front pew at Labourers for Jesus Church was Steven Watkins.
His hair is shorter now, but he is the teen in the picture that has been shared on Facebook more than 36,000 times. Eric Gaines took the picture and posted it on his Facebook page. 
"I didn't know it was being taken," Watkins said. 
He said it was friends at school who brought it to his attention. The 18-year-old said he was on the bus listening to his gospel music when he saw a man on the ground. 
"The man was passed out on the ground. I was trying to bang on the window real hard but he couldn't hear me so God spoke to me. He said 'I want you to do it'. So I got up off the bus immediately and I prayed for the man for about five to ten minutes. Then I got up and just got on the bus," he said. 
The picture has sparked a lot of comments and  conversation. Seeing it was a moving moment for Allen who used it on the flier for Friday's event, which helped her connect with Watkins.
"I'm always trying to be part of spreading the word and the gospel so I was like, 'yeah, let's go, I'm all ready!'," Watkins said. 
He is not the only one who is ready. Allen said this gathering is just their first and there will be more to come. 
"Our city needs to pray more. Our city needs to be more and we're just trying to motivate people to do that," she said. 

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