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'Bucks for Books' seeks donations to improve small library for kids in Woodlawn

Posted at 5:53 PM, Apr 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-20 17:53:34-04

Volunteers from Towson University are seeking ‘Bucks for Books’ to help expand a small library for kids in a Woodlawn community.

“It’s just a safe place where they can come and be kids and not have to worry about the demands of being at school or being at home,” said Kayla Hester, a student at Towson University and a volunteer at the Walden Circle Community Center.

The Walden Circle Community Center in Woodlawn is a safe space where kids go after school. Many love to read. However, the collection of books are very limited and do not represent the kids in the community.

“Most of the books that they had access to didn’t have characters that they can identify,” said Hester. “We brought in new books that featured characters that they thought looked like them and went through the same problem as them.”

Volunteers are collecting donations and books to help expand and improve the library that is currently made up of a few shelves.

“I think that they would love it. They already love coming and reading their books,” said Alexandra Schlegel who is also a Towson University student and volunteer at the center. “They’ve expressed that they would like to have more and just learn new things.”

Some kids agree, the current library could use some work.

“If you ask me some of the books up there are real boring,” said 6th grader Tyler Agostini.

“I read most of the books,” said 7th grader Damon Richardson.

Volunteers are collecting both monetary donations and books for the library for the next few weeks to help create a space kids in the neighborhood want to read in.

If you would like to donate, visit their fundraiser website