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BPD releases detailed breakdown of 2019 city murders

Posted at 4:08 PM, Jan 02, 2020

BALTIMORE (WMAR) — Baltimore Police have released an analytical breakdown of the record 348 murders committed in 2019.

The in depth analysis reveals what kind of weapon was used in the murder, where it happened, and how it started.

It also highlights the city populations most and least affected by the homicide rate.

A handgun was the weapon used most in 303 homicides, while a shotgun or rifle was used in 9, a knife or sharp object in 19, blunt force in 11, and one as result of strangulation or suffocation. Five more were categorized as other.

287 homicides happened outside as opposed to 61 inside.

The overwhelming majority, 207, occurred on the street.

Other locations broke down as follows:

48 in an occupied home
26 in vehicles
19 in alleys
13 in public areas such as parks and byways
11 at businesses
8 in parking lots
7 in or around public housing
6 inside vacant homes
2 at or inside a garage
1 at a hospital

Police say 226 homicides began in an undetermined manner, while 38 were classified as other.

The rest were as follows:

35 - argument
20 - robbery
11- retaliation
6 - over drugs
9- child abuse and domestic situations
1- accidental
1- arson
1- carjacking

Out of the victims, 326 were adults and 22 were juveniles. Six victims were under 10-years-old. 16 others ranged from 10 to 17 years of age.

311 of the victims were male, 37 were female.

Of those victims, 325 were African American, 16 were White, 6 Hispanic, and one victim listed as other.

101 victims were members of a gang or drug crew, while 121 were cases associated with gangs.

A vast majority of the victims, 238, suffered multiple gunshot wounds.

The department's homicide unit closed out the year with only a 31% clearance rate, which equates to just 73 arrests.

Earlier this week Police Commissioner Michael Harrison said he transferred more detectives to help with the caseload. The police union on multiple occasions has complained about the short staffing and overwhelmed detectives working the cases.