Board of Education to make decision on snow days schools can't make up

Posted at 8:50 AM, Apr 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-24 08:53:15-04

On Tuesday the Maryland Board of Education is expected to make a decision on how to make up for the snow days students missed. 

Baltimore City Schools are asking to extend their school year by two days, meaning classes would end on June 19. Baltimore City Schools used five snow days this year, but have only made up for three of them.

Other school districts in the area have submitted waivers to the State Board of Education to forgo whatever days they have left to make up.

This struggle comes after the school calendar changed following an executive order Governor Larry Hogan signed in 2016. The order requires schools to start after Labor Day and end by June 15.

The Maryland General Assembly did pass an emergency bill this session authorizing schools to extend the school year up to five days without approval by the State Board of Education which goes into effect on June 1.

The Board of Education is expected to make a decision on Tuesday.