Blind people can drive cars too

Posted at 5:54 PM, Aug 28, 2016

Driving a car isn't something blind people get to do all the time. That's why Aug. 27 was so special to two dozen visually-impaired people.

Street Smarts gave blind people in Baltimore the opportunity to drive -- or in some cases, drive again. The group paired up with the Blind Industries and Services of Maryland to host their 2nd Annual One Day Driving Seminar. 

Seminar students got a chance to get behind the wheel with a seeing passenger directing them.

"Society believes that blind people can't do xyz and there are all these misconceptions surrounding blindness," said Nikki Jackson, the orientation and mobility instructor. "But this opportunity here that's presented to our students gives them the opportunity to say hey i can do this."

Street Smarts designed the driving courses with special tactile pavement sensors. Students were able to drive on straight courses and on winding ones as well.

"It's a confidence booster down the road," Jackson said. "They'll look at this experience and say 'You know what, I had an opportunity to drive, and I did as a blind person.' So that's what it's all about "

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