Black Friday shopping starts early

Posted at 11:19 PM, Nov 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-25 13:57:12-05
What's on most everyone's holiday wish lists? Toys and electronics!  
"I'm looking to get my kids the Nintendo DS," one shopper said.
"We are looking for 3 DS's, they're 100 dollars today," said another.
At the Toys R Us in Golden Ring, people went right from turkey dinner to shopping strategy.
"I'm just shopping for one but we, all of my friends, we switch lists and we grab things for each other," said shopper Megan Sherman.
Many of these shoppers say they deal with the crowds because it comes down to saving.
"A lot of stuff is like half off or even 60 percent off so you do save a lot of money coming out early," said Ashley Cartwright. 
At the White Marsh Best Buy, people were really in the shopping spirit.
"We had a lot of customers anxiously awaiting to get into our store this evening, we opened at 5 pm and it's been busy since," said Best Buy General Manager, Derek Basignani.
For others, its about finding that perfect bargain.
"There's a 32 inch TVs back on sale back there for 50 to 100 off and that a good deal," Jennifer Schmidt said.  
And some shoppers just want to share the real meaning of the holidays.
"Honestly, when I come out I honestly try to spread a little bit of cheer so when I'm out here you know what, I try to be friendly to everybody," said Randall Meding.