Ben Jealous announces support for Mayor's call for free community college in Baltimore

Posted at 5:15 PM, Aug 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-10 17:15:49-04

Mayor Catherine Pugh is gaining support for her call for free community college to help curb violence in the city.

On Wednesday during an announcement of new crime fighting initiatives, Mayor Pugh stated she wanted to make Baltimore City Community College free to youth who attend public schools. An idea former NAACP President and current candidate for Maryland Governor Ben Jealous highly backs and urges current Governor Larry Hogan to do the same.

In a statement released Thursday Jealous said, "Governor Hogan has spent the past three years equivocating on his support for Baltimore City.  Mayor Pugh's call for free community college is a strong step in the right direction, and it deserves support from the Governor. A good crime fighting plan must focus on holding criminals accountable, as well as instilling hope in communities that are hurting. Free community college so that residents can access good quality jobs must be a part of our commitment to every jurisdiction. Governor Hogan has said he is weighing hundreds of ideas to help end the violence in Baltimore City.  He should stop equivocating and finally find the courage to help lead Baltimore toward real solutions in real time."

Governor Hogan has yet to respond.