Ben Carson hosted Super Tuesday watch party

Posted at 11:34 PM, Mar 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-02 06:07:45-05

A line of people waited to get inside The Grand Tuesday night.  People eager to be a part of the Super Tuesday election night party with Republican Presidential Candidate Ben Carson.

"Cuz I'm a Ben supporter," said Ellen Peterson from Frederick.  "I believe in Ben, I believe Ben is the man who can do what he says he can do."

"They think that because he's quiet and reserved that he doesn't have what it takes," Ben Jones from Gettysburg, PA said.  "Whether it be face our enemies or deal with foreign policy."

"I don't see why we don't have more people out supporting him simply because he's a native son, how many people did he help in this state and we're not supporting him," said Joseph Gwin from Baltimore.

Supporters were out Tuesday, people who believe in Carson's positions and abilities, and folks who have been following the retired Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon for years.

"Dr Carson did a couple surgeries on my sister about 23 years ago and he saved her life," said Jones.

But also locals who are still figuring out who they want to cast their vote for.

"Up until now he's been very calm, he's stuck to his message even when it's unpopular, so he's worth listening to and I'm going to give him that chance," Gwin said.

So far, Carson has not come out on top in any of the primary states.  Things look bleak, but he's insisted he won't drop out of the GOP race.

"Whether I'm the nominee or not whoever the Republican nominee is we cannot do what we have done in the past, and that is become fractured and splintered and fight each other," Carson said.  "And find a way to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory."

He also commented about bitter clashes and insults between the candidates, and how the public deserves more.

"Why sit there and talk about each other and tear each other down when we have such important issues to deal with, it feels like you're talking to a brick wall."

Carson has called a meeting with his four Republican rivals, saying the race has reached the point of becoming an embarrassment and they need to rise above the attacks and have serious discussions about our nation.  He wants to meet with them before the party's 11th debate this Thursday.