Bates calls out Vignarajah over 2015 video

BALTIMORE, Md. (WMAR) - Videos shot in 2015 by an organization called Project Veritas, shows an undercover member of their team meeting with and talking to then Deputy Attorney General Thiru Vignarajah. 

The woman in the video mentions feeling uncomfortable several times.

Ivan Bates is one of the candidates running against Vignarajah for Baltimore City State's Attorney, here’s what he said about it.

“The video totally shows a lack of judgment because Project Veritas was there to get whomever,” Bates said. “He just happened to be that individual at fault for it. At that moment in time, he’s in the hotel room he begins to tell this young lady secrets that the citizens of Maryland have asked him to keep to himself.”

Vignarajah says he’s disappointed that this is what the campaign has turned to.

“Away from substance and solutions which is what I think voters want to hear about and what my campaign is focused on,” Vignarajah said.

He did address the video and the people that made it.

“We’ve got a widely discredited right-wing attack group that’s gone after groups like Planned Parenthood that put out this heavily-doctored video that had no merit to it,” said Vignarajah

“There’s literally no truth to what they put out there the Maryland Attorney General's office confirmed that. You’ve got a campaign that’s bankrolled by the bail bond industry and by right-wing attack groups that are skipping debates. That is struggling to compete on ideas so they resort to this kind of politics of personal destruction,” Vignarajah said.

Vignarajah is a son of two retired city school teachers. He said he has dedicated his life to public service as a federal prosecutor, a city prosecutor, and a deputy attorney general. 

“We have the worst crisis of crime Baltimore has ever seen and the idea that other candidates are talking about this kind of nonsense just shows how much they don’t realize the struggles that Baltimore is facing.”

Bates is the husband of a school psychologist and a former prosecutor and defense attorney. 

 He said this city needs transparency and honest from the State’s Attorney,

“One of the things we don’t want to see is that late night comedian playing that video laughing at Baltimore, saying they elected this person and they don’t even know the job.”

A spokesperson for the current State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby said they have no comment on the video.

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