Baltimore ranks 5th for number of solar panels

Posted at 6:13 PM, Apr 06, 2016

In an effort to switch to cleaner energy, many of the nation's cities are hitting the solar power boom, including Baltimore.

A new report ranked the city 5th in the region for the number of installations of solar panels.

But advocates say the city could do better.

Dr. Alfred Bartlett says switching to solar energy could not only cut carbon emissions, but improve our lung health.

"Those coal plants particularly run in the summertime when the demand is really high and that's when solar can do its best job in contributing to reducing that demand because that's the worst time for pollution 'cause kids are outside playing, adults are outside working and exercising. So, the more of the demand we can shift to solar, the healthier the people in Baltimore are going to get," Bartlett said.

Researchers examined solar power installations in 64 American cities, and found that Baltimore has enough solar capacity as of 2015 to power nearly 650 homes.

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