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Baltimore prepares for Fourth of July celebrations

Posted at 4:16 PM, Jul 03, 2019

BALTIMORE — While the fireworks are bursting in the area, Baltimore Police will be on the ground in full force.

"There is a very heavy and robust staffing across all nine districts throughout the entire city," Commissioner Michael Harrison said. "Those officers come from ancillary parts of our department, our detective units and so no officers were pulled from districts so that we can maintain robust deployment across the city equally."

Harrison said as there are thousands are expected to be in and around the Inner Harbor, he wants visitors and on-lookers to not only be prepared, but vigilant.

"We will also be utilizing technology including our extensive network of city watch cameras to keep everyone safe. Our plan is also to keep commercial vehicles from traveling within the downtown area during the Fourth of July," Harrison said.

Police are also reminding those celebrating that fireworks are illegal in the city as is celebratory gunfire.

It's a simple and important heads up to keep everyone in the area safe.

"We want you to have a plan. Number one, plan your route to and from your destination and to an extent, plan where you will park. Expect large crowds and temporary street closures around the Inner Harbor and around the Fells Point area," Harrison said.