New parking rates to be based on demand in Baltimore

Posted at 7:57 AM, Jul 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-07 08:32:06-04

How much you pay to park in Baltimore is about to change. This summer, the city's Parking Authority will start determining the hourly rates for parking meters based on demand for spots.

On particularly busy blocks, it'll cost $2.25 an hour to park during peak hours. That's 25 cents more than the current rate. On quieter streets where fewer people are trying to park, the price will drop to $1.75 an hour.

Officials say the goal is to ensure there are more parking spaces available in the busiest areas of town, making it easier for people to find a spot.

Baltimore workers will begin walking around counting cars to determine demand and pricing. The city will continue to collect data and adjust rates every six months. The new parking rates will be implemented in downtown Baltimore first, then spread into Harbor East, Fells Point, and into Federal Hill and Mount Vernon.

In downtown Baltimore, officials expect parking rates on 23 percent of streets to drop 25 cents. Prices are expected to go up to $2.25 an hour on 41 percent of blocks. The city has a map that tracks which streets parking rates are going up, down, or staying the same that you can see here.

Prices will be capped at $5 an hour, a level we won't reach until 2023, but in some areas parking could become free because of low demand.

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