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Baltimore man builds Mentoring Mentors program to educate youth

Posted at 8:50 PM, Jul 24, 2018

You can hold the Mayo on rye, but you can't hold back the Mayo in Baltimore.

Alphonso Mayo was born with a bad heart, his drug-addicted mom left him at 6 months, he saw violence every day. 

He couldn't read or write. And he didn't let that stop him from doing something great. Not just for his own life, but for the Baltimore community.

He made a promise to his grandmother that he would get an education and help others.

Mayo then took a huge leap and formed his program called, Mentoring Mentors. He used the program to help and lead the youth of Baltimore to learn. 

A man that was faced with so many wrong ways, U-turns, and dead ends, can now look up and be proud of the one way he took to help others.

To donate to the Mentoring Mentors program, click here.