Baltimore group aims to help people find lost pets

Posted at 10:12 PM, Dec 14, 2016
ABC2 told you the story of 3-year-old pitbull that was taken from his home by thieves, only to be found 36 hours later tied to a tree. His owner is starting a group to help bring other dogs home if the same thing happens.
When Kaitlyn Thomas' dog Knox went missing, she said it was with the help of an entire community and the backing of the city that helped to bring him home. Thomas said that is the goal of her organization Finding Knox.
"We got a lot of support during the whole situation, so we decided that we had to start something good from it," Thomas said.
Knox the pitbull is back to getting pets and giving out kisses, but it was less than a month ago, Thomas wasn't sure she'd ever see him again. It's with the hope that he was brought home that she'd made it her goal to help others  do the same.
"The goal is to raise awareness about dog theft and prevent dog theft and to help people who are suffering from the traumatic experience," said Thomas.
Knox was taken from Thomas' home last month, and friends immediately sprang into action. A GoFundMe page helped collect reward money, and friends came together to help. Thomas said that is the mission behind the group, helping prevent dog thefts, while finding him or her, if it happens.
Thomas said she planned for the program to include "grants to help people, specifically low income families strengthen their security systems."
"We will be there to help," she said.
Kelly Anderson, one of Thomas' friends, helped search for the dog.
"A lot of pitbulls get stolen for one reason or another and there's just not the awareness there. We had, and Kaitlyn had, a lot of support and a lot of connections but a lot of people don't have that," Anderson said.

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