Special graduation for Baltimore residents desiring to build a brighter future

Posted at 11:59 PM, Aug 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-18 23:59:46-04

It's graduation day for these men......a day that was weeks in the making.....a day that gets them one step closer to more than just good paying job.

"Basically before I came here I was going from job to job out here in the world.  I thought it was time that I pursued a career."

Like every graduation, there was family on hand to celebrate their accomplishments and words of wisdom.

"I'm glad to see you all having the opportunity to get the same opportunity that I was given 15 years ago."

Cory McCray started his journey with an Apprenticeship program.  He became an Electrician.  Now the State Delegate from Baltimore continues to be a strong supporter.

"We all know the challenges that we face in Baltimore, we all know the challenges that we face in the state of Maryland and we know that the trades provide that opportunity to make a good wage."

This group is the first to graduate from the Baltimore Washington BuildingTrades Apprenticeship Readiness Program.

After 120 hours of classroom instruction over 3 weeks....they're now ready to pursue Apprenticeship programs that offer on the job training leading to good paying careers in construction.
Julian Knox wants to be an Electrician or Plumber.

"It's amazing.  It gives everyone an opportunity male, female, all races, all creeds religions whatever, it gives you an opportunity to earn a career for you, to take care of your family."

Christopher Delen wants to be either an Electrician or a Carpenter.....after two years in college....he thinks this career path may be a better fit.

"I feel like it's such a rewarding process going into the trades and making the things that you love and the things that you see as kid be built."

It's a partnership with Goodwill Industries of the Chesapeake where everyone wins.

"Baltimore is like many cities, needs economic opportunities for its citizens and at the building trades we're really happy to provide them opportunities to put the citizens of Baltimore to work."