Baltimore fans react to Prince's death

Posted at 2:17 AM, Apr 22, 2016

"As soon as the word spread around, we received a lot of messages on Facebook requesting Purple Rain," said Andres Londono, General Manager of The Senator Theater.

Next week you can catch the film on the big screen.  The Senator Theater pushed up a showing planned for July to next weekend.

"So we contacted Warner Brothers and they gave us an incredible opportunity to run Purple Rain,” Londono said.

The movie will play for three nights, and tickets are already on sale.

"We're already at a couple hundred sold, which is, I mean, there are a lot of Prince fans, and we're fans, and word's spreading fast."

Music lovers flocked to Trax on Waxin Catonsville.  In hours, almost the entire stock of Prince albums were sold.

"Oh yeah, the demand will be very high for the next several weeks for sure, that's a given for us," said Manager Jeff Ball.

Fans in the area say his death is upsetting, but he will live on through his irresistible and funky sound.

"I was kinda shocked, I mean, I had heard he was sick or had gone to the hospital or whatever, but yeah, I was kinda shocked,” Steve Donahue said.  “Saw it at work, got sad I couldn't listen to the music while I was at work."

Everywhere, sales of Prince's music has soared.  The rock superstar put out 39 albums during his career.

Over at 92Q Jams, Kelson made sure to pay tribute to prince during his Traffic Jam Mix, playing songs back to back.

"Listeners calling in saying oh my favorite memory of Prince was this, I want to hear this song, play some old Prince, play some new Prince,” Kelson said.  “So basically dedicated the entire mic that AJ did to Prince."

"It was an honor because for the fact of growing up he was one of my influences," said AJ Showtime.

Music triggers memories, and the phone lines were lighting up during the block of Prince songs.

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