New devices to keep trash out of storm drains

Posted at 12:04 PM, Apr 06, 2016

Residents in five Baltimore communities will have a new way to keep trash out of storm drains, and out of the streams and harbor.

Inlet screens are devices that fit into the storm drain inlet along the curb.  The screens allow water, but not litter, to pass through.  When it rains more than an inch, the screens are designed to open to prevent flooding.

Inserts fit within the storm drain catch basin, out of sight, to make sure any trash that gets past the screens or the grates doesn’t get into the storm drain pipes.

Inlet screens and inserts are being installed by the Baltimore City Department of Public Works in McElderry Park, Oliver, Baltimore-Linwood, Carrollton Ridge and Franklin Square.

Baltimore will pay $573,696 for 414 storm drain inlet screens. Work began April 4 and is expected to be complete by April 15.  

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