Baltimore could pay $9M to man wrongfully convicted of murder

BALTIMORE - A man is wrongfully convicted of murder and now he's expecting a big payout from Baltimore City.

James Owens sued the city after spending 20 years in prison, and now the city is looking to settle for $9-million. On Tuesday, the Board of Estimates will decide whether or not the city will be paying the settlement, and if approved, it will be one of the largest payouts in the city's history.

Owens was convicted of the rape and murder of an East Baltimore woman in 1987. But years later, a lack of DNA evidence reversed that conviction. After spending 20 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit, Owens sued the city in federal court.

He says the actions of the police detectives resulted in the violation of his right to a fair trial. 

If approved, this settlement will be paid over six fiscal years, but one third will be paid out to Owens by June 30 of this year. 

The Board of Estimates is expected to approve this settlement. That meeting is set for 9:30 Tuesday morning.

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