Baltimore company uses dogs to detect bed bugs

Posted at 11:24 PM, Jan 04, 2017
and last updated 2019-01-15 17:15:26-05

A recent report from pest control company, Orkin, put Baltimore at the top of the Bed Bugs Cities list and Washington D.C. second.

Those rankings are based on the number of treatments, both residential and commercial that Orkin performed in the metro areas.
"We have more people that are experiencing bed bugs than ever before," said Orking entomologist, Dr. Ron Harrison.
All Pest K-9 Unit is using rescue dogs to find those pesky bugs. Josh Orlofsky and his team are trying to rid the area of bed bugs by using rescue dogs.
"Everywhere has an increase assisted living, multi family housing, hotels, office buildings," Josh Orlofsky said. 
He and his team do inspections everywhere.
"We are hired by residential customers, by management companies, hotels. Almost anyone can hire us," he said.
And their dogs can literally sniff out the bugs. The All Pest team trains their dogs in a facility made to look like a home, office and bedroom.
"When we're doing someone's room, we walk in lines up and down and surround the beds until we find if there's anything there; if not to clear the room," Orlofsky said.
They can can tell if you have a bed bug problem and make recommendations, but they don't treat the issue.
"By doing an honest assessment management can make the right decision on how to take care of the problem, the pest control companies can do the proper treatment and the tenants can get taken care of," Orlofsky said. 

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Getting a home inspection with All Pest runs about $200-$300 for a standard row home.  
Bug experts say it's important to inspect all areas of your home, especially the bedroom.
"If you do an inspection around the headboard, the edges of the mattress,  those are all places bed bugs like to hang out," Harrison said.
According to Orkin, Chicago, New York and Columbus round out the top five bed bug cities.

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