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Baltimore City in talks with outside contractors to help with trash & recycling collection

Posted at 3:41 PM, Aug 19, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-20 06:26:14-04

BALTIMORE — While on-time trash and recycling pickup remains a problem throughout the city, the Department of Public Works said it is working to secure outside contractors.

"We're talking to two contractors," said John Chalmers, Head of the Bureau of Solid Waste for the City of Baltimore’s Department of Public Works. "They'll most likely come on board September or October."

Why so late? The city says Baltimore has a unique collection method and outside contractors don't have the equipment small enough to access our alleyways.

"One of the contractors were working with has an equipment issue," said Chalmers. "So, they are looking at the city for equipment that we’ve decommissioned, to purchase and put back online so they can assist us."

As for late or missed collection services taxpayers say the city needs to do more than just direct people to call 311 or check DPW's website.

"Not everyone has access to the internet," said Rhonda Wimbish. "I shouldn’t be required as a taxpayer to go on your website. You should be required to do a public announcement, whether it’s on the news, whether it’s radio. We need a public announcement."

DPW hasn't finalized contracts for private contractors in question.